Top 10 YouTube channels for learning English in 2022

YouTube isn’t just about cats and silly videos anymore—there are thousands of English videos as well. There are easily enough great YouTube English teachers to fill a top one hundred, but we’ve narrowed it down to just ten.

It’s almost like YouTube was designed for English learners. There are more hours of expert advice than any student could watch in a single lifetime. Even better, almost every video can be watched with subtitles, played at slower speeds, paused and replayed until you understand every word.

We recommend you this Top 10 YouTube channels for learning English in 2022:

1. Bob the Canadian

If you are learning English in 2021, you’re probably already familiar with Bob the Canadian! He’s a high school teacher from Toronto, Canada, who lives on a flower farm with his wife and five kids. He decided to start making YouTube videos for English learners for fun a few years ago and they became a huge success.

2. Learn English with Mr. Duncan

Mr. Duncan has been running a successful English language YouTube channel for over ten years, so you know he’s got experience as well as his expertise! He lives in a pretty town in the UK called Much Wenlock, and has an upper-class British accent to match.

4. Real English

Real English is one of the best YouTube channels for English language beginners and has a large library of free lessons. Each one includes two videos, one with subtitles and one without and a handful of exercises.

5. BBC Learn English

From one of the world’s most famous broadcasting companies (the British Broadcasting Corporation) comes a bunch of free English language lessons. They’re in a variety of formats such as real-life situations, cartoons and interviews.

6. LinguaMarina

Marina was born and raised in Russia but decided to move to the USA in 2015. She taught herself to speak English like an American and now runs two businesses from her adopted home in San Francisco, California. Her YouTube channel is perfect for anyone dreaming of a similar path.

7. EnglishClass101

This is a channel designed to sell an interactive online English course which is for sale at However, if you don’t mind a sales pitch, the videos themselves are a great learning resource. They are all completely free — whether or not you buy the course.

8. British Council: Learn English Kids

Songs are among the most enjoyable and effective ways to learn a new language. Their melodies and rhythms help to create strong memories, vital for picking up new verbs, expressions and colloquialisms.

9. Business English Pod

You can ask for directions, get a meal in a restaurant and tell the time in English. But what if you’re called on to attend a business meeting conducted in English? There’s no need to break out into a cold sweat as Business English Pod has it covered with clear and thorough lessons on topics such as supply chain management, finance/economics and contract law.

10. Learn English with TV Series

Everyone knows someone who taught themselves English by watching all ten seasons of Friends, right? Or at least, it’s an extremely common myth! If you’ve ever wanted to learn English by watching TV this might be your perfect channel. The presenters show clips from famous English language TV series, and explain the expressions, slang and technical vocabulary. Videos are between twenty minutes and half an hour long — enough time to really dig into the language.


There are lot of videos about English Lessons and topics.YouTube is a great tool for when learning starts to feel boring. If you don’t understand a set of vocabulary or a grammatical rule at first, it can help to see the information in a different way. Put the textbook down, and find a video! YouTube adds some valuable flavor to your study cocktail.

Remember that Learning English can be so fulfilling. It can open up your life to new experiences, opportunities and friends all over the world. Nothing stands between you and fluency!

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