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What is an action verb in English?

An action verb is a main verb that refers to an action that the subject performs. One has to use ones body in performing an action. The amount of efforts in performing an action might vary from verbs to verbs. It is also known as a dynamic verb.

With this Action Verb list you must know let´s improve the English Vocabulary in order to stablish a perfect english conversation

The Action Verb list is huge and there are thousands in English, but these are some of the most common action verbs everyone performs in their life. All action verbs have 4 forms they are used in: Base formPast formPast Participle form, and Present participle form.

Action verb Base form Past form Past participle Present participle form
Talk talk talked talked talking
Walk walk walked walked walking
Run run ran run running
Eat eat ate eaten eating
Cut cut cut cut cutting
Drink drink drank drunk drinking
Hug hug hugged hugged hugging
Kiss kiss kissed kissed kissing
Sit sit sat sat sitting
Dance dance danced danced dancing
Sing sing sang sung singing
Fight fight fought fought fighting
Slap slap slapped slapped slapping
Ride ride rode ridden riding
Write write wrote written writing
Sleep sleep slept slept sleeping
Exercise exercise exercised exercised exercising
Teach teach taught taught teaching
Throw throw threw thrown throwing
Scratch scratch scratched scratched scratching
Open open opened opened opening
Close close closed closed closing
Mop mop mopped mopped mopping
Clean clean cleaned cleaned cleaning
Wait wait waited waited waiting
Smile smile smiled smiled smiling
Laugh laugh laughed laughed laughing
Cry cry cried cried crying
Talk talk talked talked talking
Cook cook cooked cooked cooking
Peel peel peeled peeled peeling
Mash mash mashed mashed mashing
Give give gave given giving
Take take took taken taking

The Action verb have a power that is not found in other word types. Action verbs have impact and provide instant information. They help the reader picture the subject engaged in the activity in a clear, precise manner. Come Back Any Time And Review This Action Verb List

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