Personal Pronouns


A personal pronoun is a pronoun typically used to refer to the people or things that a speaker is referring to. Personal pronouns are usually used to replace proper names, and instead of repeating the names over and over we use personal pronouns instead. 


Marcus is studying hard because Marcus has a test tomorrow (sounds repetitive and weird)

So we use a personal pronoun to replace the name Marcus

Marcus is studying hard because he has a test tomorrow

Personal Pronoun Meaning 
I Yo
He Él
She Ella
It Eso / esa (una cosa o un animal)
We Nosotros
You Ustedes
They Ellos


More Examples

  • I want to learn English because it will help me find better opportunities. 
  • You are reading sentences. 
  • John reads a book every month, he really enjoys reading.
  • Juliette is a ballerina dancer, she has a performance next month. 
  • The garden is beautiful, it is big and it has a lot of flowers. 
  • My mom and I are making cookies, we love cooking together. 
  • You all are presenting a project next class.
  • My brothers live in Italy, they say it is a beautiful country.

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