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What is a collective noun?

Let´s remember: Collective nouns are nouns which are used to refer to a group of animals, people, things, etc. Collective nouns for people are singular words that refer to a group of individuals acting as a single unit. They can be used to describe many different groups of people, including musicians, athletes, and professions.

General Collective Nouns for Groups of People

First and foremost, general collective nouns are the words you need if you’re looking to describe a group of people with a single term. Some collective nouns are more specific than the general examples above. These words refer to particular people or groups that have gathered for a specific reason.


An army of soldiers A gang of thieves A tribe of natives
A panel of experts A choir of singers A mob of rioters
A crew of sailors A board of directors A pack of friends
A troupe of dancers A posse of cowboys A gang of workers
A crowd of people A squad of police A herd of shoppers
A band of musicians A swarm of party-goers A gaggle of gossips
A team of players A legion of volunteers A horde of invaders
A class of students A band of robbers A crew of film-makers
A pen of writers A cast of actors A brigade of chefs
A heap of rubbish collectors A troupe of acrobats A company of actors


  1. Band
  2. Choir
  3. Orchestra
  4. Ensemble


  1. Team
  2. Squad
  3. Crew


  1. Faculty
  2. Staff
  3. Jury
  4. Crew

Collective nouns for people are words that describe a group of individuals acting as a single entity. These words are singular and replace the plural noun. The use of collective nouns can enhance your writing if you use them at appropriate times. Come Back Any Time And Review This Action Verb List

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