This – That – These – Those


This, That, These and Those are demonstrative pronouns used to describe distance between the speaker and the noun. They tell if the noun is near or far.

Here / Cerca= This (Singular)  –  These (Plural) 
There  / Lejos= That (Singular) – Those (Plural)  


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I´m martinThis is my new backpack (singular) 
These are my friends Leonard and Emma (plural)


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I´m Tony
That is my dog Coco (singular) 
Those are my friends Thomas and Lucas (plural)

Demonstrative Pronouns used by themselves

You can also use Demonstrative Pronouns by themselves:

Did you draw that?
I want these
Which of those are you taking? 

Negative Sentences

To express a negative idea just add the adverb “not” after the verb. 

This is not a chicken, it’s a duck. 
That is not a kiwi, it´s an avocado
These are not my crayons. 
Those are not my teachers.

Interrogative Sentences

If you want to ask a question just place the verb at the beginning. 

Is this your new car?
Is that your mom?
Are these your books?
Are those your markers?


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