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What is a preposition?

Prepositions are words that show direction, location, time, and the spatial relationship between objects.

Prepositions are followed by an object in a sentence, which can be a noun or a pronoun. Although there may be other words between them, a prepositional phrase begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun, acting as the object.

English Prepositions help describe different kinds of information in a sentence, therefore it makes sense to organize these words into groups.

Many prepositions have nearly the exact same meaning. This makes them tricky to use properly unless you read or listen to a lot of English. There aren’t always specific rules to memorize so much as phrases and learning which prepositions go with which words.

A Simple Preposition List

Nearly half of the prepositions you use in the English language are “simple” words. Simple words mainly have one or two syllables and connect words in a sentence. Here’s a list of common English Prepositions:

About Above Across After Ago
At Below By Down During
For From In Into Off
On Over Past Since Through
To Under Until Up With

There are around 150 prepositions in the English language, and we’re going to list all of them we could find. They are broken down into categories of prepositions, based on how that type of preposition functions.

List of Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of place are ones that tell where one thing is in space compared to another. The list of place words is very similar to the list of time words. In fact, they share much of the same language.

1 Aboard 19 Far 37 On board
2 Above 20 Far from 38 On top of
3 Across 21 Forward of 39 Onto
4 Against 22 From 40 Upon
5 Alongside 23 In 41 Opposite
6 Amid 24 In between 42 Out
7 Among 25 In front of 43 Out of
8 Apart from 26 Inside 44 Outside
9 Astride 27 Into 45 Outside of
10 At 28 Minus 46 Over
11 Atop 29 Near 47 Round
12 Behind 30 Near to 48 Through
13 Below 31 Next to 49 Throughout
14 Beneath 32 Of 50 To
15 Beside 33 Off 51 Together with
16 Between 34 On 52 Toward/towards
17 Beyond 35 On board 53 Whether this…
18 By 36 On top of 54 Under

List of Prepositions of time

Prepositions of time are prepositions that we use to indicate something’s relationship with time. Also with these words, you can describe when something will or did happen.

1 About 8 Circa 15 On
2 After 9 During 16 Past
3 Ago 10 Following 17 Prior to
4 Around 11 For 18 Since
5 At 12 From 19 Until/till
6 Before 13 Gone 20 Up to
7 By 14 In 21 Up until

List of Prepositions of phrase

A prepositional phrase list includes groups (known as phrases) of different words that together act as a connecting word. The group/phrase can contain verbs, adverbs, and other parts of speech.

1 As far as 4 As well as 7 In spite of
2 As long as 5 In addition to 8 On top of
3 As soon as 6 In regard to 9 With regard to
Always remember that an English Preposition is a word that tells you when or where something is in relation to something else.

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