How To Use Action Words In English

Action words are words that describe the actions of a subject in a sentence. The actions can be physical actions, such as to run or mental actions like to think. Action words are sometimes called action verbs or doing words. Action words, also known as verbs, play a pivotal role in shaping the tone, energy, and impact of your writing.

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What are Action Words?

Words that are used to describe an action taken by the subject are known as action words. An action word typically appears immediately next to the subject. The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary defines “action” as “the process of doing something in order to deal with a situation or make something happen.” Therefore, an action word is, to put it simply, a word that is used to describe the action that the subject performs.

How to Use an Action Word in a Sentence?

Have you ever considered the fact that verbs are action words? Since they are verbs, employing them in sentences ought to be simple if you already know how to conjugate verbs based on their various tenses and the context in which they are used. While not all verbs are words, they are all used in the same way. For a closer look at how they function in sentences, see the examples that follow.

  • She jumps every morning before sunrise. (Present tense)
  • He read a captivating story last month. (Past tense)
  • They will run over the hurdles during the race. (Future tense)
  • She speaks fluently in three languages. (Present tense)
  • The kids danced gracefully on stage. (Past tense)
  • He is watching an intriguing tv show this week. (Present continuous tense)
  • They have sung together for years. (Present perfect tense)

Commonly Used Action Words in English

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