Learn How To Give Commands In English

command is an order. We give commands when we want to give instructions or directions, or simply when we want something to be done.

In English, there are a number of ways of making commands sound more polite. We can add please at the end of what we say, or we can use a question form to make a command sound more like a request, or we can use I’d like you to + infinitive or I’d be grateful if you’d + infinitive without to:

Ask Michael to sign this form and then send it off immediately please, Gwyn.

Will you bring us the files on the Harley case please, Monica?

I’d like you to bring us four teas at eleven when we take a break in the meeting.

I’d be grateful if you didn’t call anyone about this.


Although the main feature of sentences in the imperative is that they have no grammatical subject, they do have an understood subject, ‘you’.The basic form of the imperative remains the same whether it is addressed to one or more people.

Come on, John; I’m waiting.
Come on, boys; you’re late.

How To Give Commands In English

How to give commands Examples Degree of politeness
Using the imperative
  • Go out.
  • Wait for me.
  • Get in.
  • Don’t say a word.
  • Don’t be silly.
Less polite
Using the emphatic “do”
  • Do consider our offer.
  • Do get informed before you start complaining.
  • Do sit down.
Adding “please”
  • Please, wait for me
  • Please, don’t smoke here.
  • Please, have a seat.
Using modal verbs (to sound more like a request)
  • Can you wait for me, please?
  • Will you bring the report, please?
  • Could you close the door, please?
More polite


In Conclusion, to give commands and orders, you use the imperative. The form of the verb used for the imperative is the base form of the main verb, which is used without a subject.

Commands In English Examples 

Walk to the corner, turn right, and cross the road.
Open your mouth and say ‘Aaaah’.


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