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ELSA App is one of the world’s best English speaking app that helps anyone speaks English like an American, using advanced speech recognition technology. ELSA App is free to download on the App Store and on Google Play.

The ELSA APP app has been designed to help people of a different language learn English, however there are also academic elements within the app that support its use in schools to help anyone learn the language. The app assesses your ability through taking a mini test then personalises your learning as it adapts to your needs as you work through a series of games to help you learn.

ELSA has over 25 million users across the world. English remains the language in many countries around the world, as it opens economic opportunities for millions of people who are either planning to study abroad or need jobs where English language proficiency is critical.

ELSA App doesn’t focus on English language basics, such as vocabulary, lessons and grammar. It is an exclusively tool to help improve the pronunciation and listening. Also, there are videos and practice exercises are in English, so beginners will have a more useful experience.

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It is important to practice your English skills and if you Download ELSA App to practice it will be fun. You mobile phone is the the door to speak with ELSA and Improve.

English Free Online has removed the stress and the frustration that we had to overcome when we had to travel a long distance to study in an unfamiliar place. Remember that Learning English can be so fulfilling. It can open up your life to new experiences, opportunities and friends all over the world. Nothing stands between you and fluency!

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