Best Youtube Channels To Practice English For Kids

Every day, all around the world people use YouTube to teach themselves new skills from the comfort of their own homes or use the videos help students in learning new languages. Youtube is a fantastic platform for creating, sharing, learning and practice English for Kids.

This is what makes it an invaluable platform for language learning; you can watch or virtually ‘sit-in’ on lessons at any time, you can pause, stop and rewatch videos as often as you need to. Let´t know the best Youtube Channels To Practice English For Kids.


This is another series of videos hosted by a ‘real life’ guy named Steve and his companion ´Maggie´. His ‘real’ body is often  mixed with cartoon backgrounds. He act like he’s talking to toddlers, and is very animated with his vocal tones and hand actions. Steve uses simple English and repeats words, which is helpful for tots who are learning to speak.


2. Super Simple TV – Kids Shows & Cartoons

This children’s channel on YouTube features series of ‘episode-style’ cartoons. They are mostly animated, though some use puppetry. They teach preschoolers the alphabet, or they simply entertain with stories and characters who solve problems or make discoveries. The pace is also slow enough for young ones, which is helpful for their comprehension level.


3. Super Simple Play

This is an offshoot of Super Simple TV and their other channel, Super Simple Songs. Caitie – another ‘real life,’ adult host, sings classic early childhood songs to children. Sometimes puppets appear, and have conversations with Caitie before they decide to start a sing-a-long. Catie’s songs have repetitive words to help preschoolers learn words.


There are a lot of Youtube Channels To Practice English For Kids and we know that sometimes, parents are concerned about what their kids might click on when they’re not overseeing them, or the ads that appear on videos. For that, YouTube has come up with an answer that solves most of these issues: YouTube Kids. It’s an app-only place to set up videos that your kids can watch.

English Free Online offers you a variety of online materials can promote learning. Remember that Learning English can be so fulfilling. It can open up your life to new experiences, opportunities and friends all over the world. Nothing stands between you and fluency!

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