Best Mobile Apps To Learn English For Free

Have you realized that you can also put that smartphone of yours to really good use for learning languages? With so many apps for learning English out there, it is not an easy task to choose which ones truly are the best.

So, If you’re a beginner who wishes to speak English fluently or enhance your communication skills, downloading English learning software will be a great way to help you learn English quickly. Let’s know the Best Mobile Apps To Learn English For Free:


Maybe you have already heard of this fun app for learning languages that looks like a game, but it is actually a helpful learning tool. It will help you keep on practicing it every day with a very well-planned learning path. With this app you will be able to learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation through short lessons with funny characters who remind you to complete a lesson every single day!


We already published an article about this great app because we know when studying a new language, sometimes it is not easy to learn the proper pronunciation and intonation, without the help of an expert teacher. ELSA Speak, which teaches you how to pronounce every single English phoneme. Your speaking skill will improve significantly!


Writing is one of the skills many students struggle a lot with when learning English, because you cannot have someone correcting your texts at any moment of the day. With Grammarly App, you can learn how to write neatly, following all the rules. It will not only correct it, but most importantly, it will tell you what you are doing wrong and why.


Let’s finish this list with a widely used app for reading news and articles: Flipboard. But what makes this app outstanding is that you can decide what kind of news and articles you want to read frequently since there is a wide range of topics to choose from: from world politics to pop music; from healthcare to gossip. The texts are not that long, so, it is perfect for a short reading while you are seated waiting for your next class to start.


Memrise offers a large variety of courses for a lot of different languages, including English. These courses are actually constructed by other members of the Memrise community, making Memrise a crowd-sourced learning platform. Most of the lessons are gamified, and Memrise offers all the tools to let regular users create courses.

Remember that this is just a short list about Best Mobile Apps To Learn English For Free, there a lot of new apps every month. But if you are an English beginner, start by using just one app and after a couple of months you can download another app to improve your Enlighs Skills. For fluent spoken English, you can try out ELSA APP to focus on the English Pronunciation.

English Free Online offers you a variety of online materials can promote learning. Remember that Learning English can be so fulfilling. It can open up your life to new experiences, opportunities and friends all over the world. Nothing stands between you and fluency!

Ensligh Free Online For Everyone!


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