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English has become the most popular choice for learning a second language. It is also a valuable asset for traveling, studying or working abroad.  Technology has changed language learning forever. Lessons no longer have to be inside of a physical classroom, and English Free online courses are available to everybody.

There is a universe of English learning knowledge waiting for you online and for free. It might sound like a big claim when the resources are so easily available, but it’s possible that an online course could change your life. We recommend the following 5 Best English Free Online Courses:

1. BBC 6 Minutes English

You only have to spend 6 minutes every day to learn. It is structured like a radio program and you can enjoy the two hosts talking about various topics. seful vocabularies would be highlighted for each episode and you would also be taught how to make a complete sentence.

2. Preply

Preply helps you learn languages by connecting you with expert tutors through 1-on-1 lessons or online English classes in groups. To make the most of each lesson, your tutor will create a custom learning plan that fits your skill level, schedule, and needs.


This is a website totally for English learners. They have four categories of short classes: speaking,  writing, reading and listening. It is designed specifically for English learning. This Australia-based website is definitely worth a try if you have little chance to access an all-English environment.

4. Coursera

Coursera can help you build the skills you need. Learn 100% online with video lectures, quizzes and self-paced projects, and use their learner forum to receive feedback on your progress.

5. edX

Edx is created by the MIT and Harvard. It hosts several online university-level courses on a wide range of disciplines. Some courses are even offered for free. You can find different kinds of English courses available on edX. Although some of them are not free, it is still way cheaper than taking most courses in college.
Remember to have a computer or laptop in order to take any of these Online English Courses and don´t forget to have fun.


English Free Online has removed the stress and the frustration that we had to overcome when we had to travel a long distance to study in an unfamiliar place. Remember that Learning English can be so fulfilling. It can open up your life to new experiences, opportunities and friends all over the world. Nothing stands between you and fluency!

Ensligh Free Online For Everyone!


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