Verb To-Be – Exercise 1

English Personal Pronouns- Beginners Level - Free Online Lessons and Vocabulary

Read the following sentences and then fill in the blanks using personal pronouns

Example: I am Francys, I´m a teacher, I´m at the English Academy

______ is Francys, _______ a teacher and _____ at the English Academy

Answer= She is Francys, she is a teacher and she is at the English Academy

Personal Pronouns - Exercise 2

I am Pedro, I´m a writer, and I'm in a bookstore

is Pedro, is a writer, and is in a bookstore

I am Alejandra, I’m a secretary, and I’m at the office

Alejandra, a secretary, and at the office

I am Kitty, I’m a cat, and I’m on the bed

Kitty, a cat, and   on the bed

They are the Brown, they are a family, and they are in the house

the Brown,   a family, and in the house

I am Cooper, I'm a dog, and I am playing

Cooper, a dog, and playing