5 Popular Destinations to Practice English

Nowadays, there are many English language learning websites on the Internet and also there apps that will help you improve the speakig skills. But sometimes it is good to take a trip abroad in order to practice English as a secong language.

Many people might think of going to big cities in England or United States of America like London or New York. On the other hand, there are some cities that will help you to practice English and give strong skills in this language.

1. Bristol, England

Bristol, another centre for many guaranteed language institutions and there are several courses that students can choose, from everyday English to preparation for English tests. Moreover, there are many types of accommodations as well as learning programmes that students stay with English teachers in which students can effectively learn the language.

2. Dublin, Ireland

This city has a wide range of academies and English courses, where the quality of the Irish education system stands out. In addition, it offers multiple job opportunities for students, so you can combine your studies with work, and thus practice the language.

3. Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand, the destination that is not so distant from Thailand, is another potential option for visitors who wish to learn and travel. Apart from the security reason, New Zealand is filled with beautiful natural tourist spots which is a conducive environment for learning.

4. Liverpool, England

If you are looking for a different environment to do your English course, Liverpool is one of the best cities to learn English. This is one of the English locations with the most excellent programs and academies to learn English. In addition, the courses in Liverpool are the best value for money. The overhead costs in this city are not very high compared to other cities in the same area.

5. Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is a city in Australian state of Queensland which is often referred to as “Sunshine State” in Australia because Queensland is being exposed to sunlight more than 300 days per year with the lowest temperature of only a little below 21 degree Celsius. The best time to visit would be during the school semester break in October which is the spring period. The city will be filled purple Jacaranda which is worth capturing in the photos.

Some people might not have enough time to travel and study English altogether, but if you are determined enough, short vacation or domestic travelling can actually improve your English. Just select the right destination according to your budget and don’t forget to have fun while you practice english.

Online English learning has removed the stress and the frustration that we had to overcome when we had to travel a long distance to study in an unfamiliar place. Remember that Learning English can be so fulfilling. It can open up your life to new experiences, opportunities and friends all over the world. Nothing stands between you and fluency!

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